GS 1500T Stringing Machine

GS 1100 Professional Table Top Stringing Machine

For badminton only


Excellent modern stringing machine, accurate, fast, very easy to operate and extremely durable with 5 years full machine guarantee.

Made in Taiwan, 2017 model.

Designed by USRSA MRT certified professional stringer Mr I. Gefen.

  • Six point support floating system to eliminate racket distortion.
  • Four micro adjustable slim V shaped side supports.
  • Ektelon type spring loaded tensioning mechanism, to string all types of badminton rackets at ease.
  • Adjustable width linear ball bearing automatic string gripper to handle any string gauge without damage.
  • Tension range in lbs and kg.
  • Scales: 10-50 lbs. 4-24 kg. Increments in single lbs/kg.
  • 360 degree swivel turntable with brake.
  • Two spring action double string clamps for quick and easy stringing.
  • Machine weight: 13kg.
  • Length: 66cm.
  • Working Span: 185cm (6 ft).

  • A complete set of stringing tools
  • One reel of 660ft GS synthetic gut 16 for tennis and squash, worth £34
  • Stringing manual, mainly for tennis.
  • Machine manual.
  • Two hours free tuition

Next day delivery (FedEx) in mainland UK (England and Wales) £10 (£20 if you add the Wise 2086)

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NEW optional extra:

WISE 2086 V12 electronic tension head string puller: £500 (including VAT).

Two years guarantee.

Electronic foot pedal operation adapter for WISE 2086: £36 (including VAT)