GS 1500 Professional Upright Stringing Machine

for tennis, squash and badminton

Designed by USRSA MRT and CRT professional stringer Mr I . Gefen

Made in Taiwan, 2017 model.


Excellent modern stringing machine, accurate, fast, very easy to operate and extremely durable with 5 years full machine guarantee.

  • Six point suspension mounting system with individual micro adjustable centre and side support.
  • Four padded K shaped side supports, to accommodate all types of tennis, squash and badminton rackets.
  • Four V shaped 4mm, Slim side supports for badminton specialists.
  • Four heavy duty tennis and squash swivel clamps, diamond coated, fingertip adjustment knob and Cam roller each for fast and smooth operation, rotate 360 degrees, up and down to accommodate any racket. Suitable for any string pattern, eg. Fan, Extender string patterns.
  • New Base lock mechanism, with 12mm centre screw, 17mm self locking nut, for fast lock / release operation and excellent durability.
  • Padded head and throat mounting posts to secure any frame including Extenders without cosmetic damage to the frame.
  • Ektelon type head pulling spring loaded tensioning mechanism with ball bearing linear automatic string puller to accomodate any string gauge.
  • Tension range from 9-102 lbs, scale in lbs and kgs.
  • Increments in single lbs/kgs.
  • Machine weight: 27kg including 4 swivel clamps and stringing tools.
  • Length: 70cm.
  • Height: 82cm, centre column, suitable UK and European standard.
  • Working Span: 210cm (7 ft).

  • A complete set of stringing tools
  • One reel of 660ft GS synthetic gut 16 for tennis and squash, worth £34
  • Stringing manual, mainly for tennis.
  • Machine manual.
  • Two hours free tuition

Next day delivery in mainland UK (England and Wales) £20

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NEW optional extra:

WISE 2086 V12 electronic tension head string puller: £500 (including VAT).

Two years guarantee.

Electronic foot pedal operation adapter for WISE 2086: £36 (including VAT)