Prince 7000 Professional Upright Stringing Machine

mainly for tennis

Fully guaranteed for three years

SPECIAL OFFER: £3990 including VAT 


  • The Prince 7000 is the latest electronic stringing machine that features a secure and easy to use six point frame mounting.
  • The unique Silencer tension head, with unique electro mechanical design and microchip processing provides unprecedented accuracy, speed and quiet operation.
  •  The new Versa Clamp system offers gravity based or push button release options. Quick Click clamp bases lock at the flip of a lever and the external tension calibration is in an easy to reach location.
  • The modular PC board is also easily accessible.
  • In addition to this, the Prince 7000 consists of a liquid crystal screen with a 15 degree tilt, providing an easy to read display.
  •  Stand or detachable pedestal included for table top use, and foot pedal for optional tension activation.

  • two swivel clamps suitable for tennis, squash and badminton
  • diamond dusted starter clamp
  • needle nose pliers
  • string clipper
  • awl
  • pressure spreaders for tennis, squash and badminton
  • hex keys for machine assembly
  • two hours free tuition

  • Next day delivery in mainland UK (England and Wales) £40
  • Delivery available worldwide – please contact us for details