Prince NEOS 1000 Professional Upright Stringing Machine for tennis, squash and badminton

£1404 including VAT


  • Two strong zinc alloy, single action string clamps grip the string and glide bar in one easy move for tennis and squash.

  • Easy to operate tip and throat riser hold down clamps and quickly secure the racket frame.

  • Height adjustable tip retainers fit any width racket, including tennis, squash, badminton or racketball.

  • Built in glide bar rails are always parallel and aligned precisely for smooth movement.

  • Reversible, sliding handle on tension head increases maneuverability and clearance.

  • Streamlined tension head fairing won’t catch string, keeps mechanism clean and in adjustment.

  • Two universal flying clamps for stringing Fan patterns in tennis and squash.

  • Backed by a five year warranty and the industry’s best customer service.

  • No guarantee against accidents, rust or neglect.

Machine weight: 29kg.
Working Span: 210cm (7 ft).

Prince NEOS 1000 Prices

All prices include 20% VAT (postage £30 in mainland UK)