Protech 8 Stringing Machine

Yonex Protech 8 Upright Stringing Machine

for tennis, squash and badminton




Professional stringing machine, accurate, fast, very easy to operate and extremely durable with 5 years full machine guarantee.

Made in Japan

  • State of the art electronic stringing machine manufactured in Japan.
  • The new tilting mechanism allows machine position to be adjusted for stringer comfort.
  • Ultra secure 6 point mounting system takes all racquet frames.
  • Touch screen
  • Three separate tension activation switches
  • Diablo facilitates string tensioning
  • Smooth action integrated clamp base rail
  • One touch quick release clamp bases
  • Lightweight string clamps with non-slip coating
  • Ergonomic billiards for easier mounting
  • Redesigned billiard pads for stable mounting
  • Larger tool tray
  • Machine weight: 56kg
  • Length: 100cm.
  • Height:127cm.
  • Working Span: 210cm (7 ft).
  • A complete set of stringing tools
    One reel of 660ft GS synthetic gut 16 for tennis and squash, worth £34
    Stringing manual, mainly for tennis.
    Machine manual.
    Two hours free tuition

    Next day delivery in mainland UK (England and Wales) £40